Mechanical and Electrical Services

We have over 20 years experience surveying Mechanical & Electrical Services for the purpose of Record Drawings and Refurbishment. Depending on our clients requirements we can survey from scratch or work with Construction Drawings and check the installation. With our extensive knowledge in this field we provide a thorough, efficient and tailored service covering Bristol and the South West.

Building Surveying

We provide our clients with their specific requirements incorporated for each survey allowing us to accurately measure and draw the most complex of buildings – both internally and externally. Our range of measured Building Surveys can be provided as a stand-alone service or can be undertaken in conjunction with our other services such as Mechanical & Electrical Services Drawings, Fire Strategy Drawings and Planning Applications.

Our Surveying History

St Ivel Chilled Products in Wootton Bassett invited us to survey the Mechanical Services within a 26-acre site. This was an awesome task by our standards but we entered into the project with confidence and determination. We started by creating the building outlines from our measurements and added the services from the main boiler house following all pipe routes through service corridors into main production areas. Whilst surveying we labelled each pipe as an additional exercise for future reference. This led to us producing 155 AutoCAD drawings complete with key plans and drawing schedules for the plant and mechanical services. We also surveyed the fire alarm system, security, external lighting, route maps of the site, producing numerous AutoCAD drawings. This project was surveyed one day per week from January 1998 to July 2000. Unfortunately St Ivel has since closed.

We have worked for South Gloucestershire Council since 1994 producing their design and build mechanical and electrical services drawings on AutoCAD. To date we have measured twelve entire schools and surveyed sixteen boiler houses together with numerous part surveys of buildings, services installations and kitchens. Once a new project is nearing completion we have been called in to survey the services for ‘Record Drawing’ purposes.

Since 1992 we have worked for Skanska Rashleigh Weatherfoil (originally Andrews Weatherfoil) producing their building services drawings on AutoCAD. More recently they have involved us in a project at The Royal Dockyard in Plymouth surveying the Mechanical and Electrical Services in three buildings from September 2000 to December 2001 and producing all the ‘Record Drawings’. We have since surveyed several more buildings in Plymouth, Taunton and Bristol.

Lorne Stewart Services Division used our services to survey 48 small boiler houses in various Army Barracks during 1998/1999 for which we produced Plans, Valve Charts and Schematics. Our most recent job was to measure the Bristol Coin Centre, producing building outlines, Fire Alarm System and Escape Routes to meet the Fire Officer’s requirements.

T Clarke (Bristol) Limited recently engaged our services to survey and produce AutoCAD drawings of the boiler plant rooms and air handling plant rooms in the new Bristol University Sports Hall, The University of The West of England and Broad Street Mall, Reading. We have produced the ‘Record Drawings’ for not only the plant rooms but also all other services drawings for each of these projects. We have worked with T Clarke (Bristol) Limited since 1995.

Travis Perkins has come on board with us to carry out building surveys and land surveys of existing sites and new acquisitions on a regular basis. We also work for a number of Survey & Property development companies surveying buildings and land.

These are a few of our long standing and loyal Clients who we continue to provide all of our services to.